Caminha to Oia, Yes!

Tuesday, September 17, on the Camino Portugués Senda Litoral. Stayed last night in Caminha, Portugal at Arca Nova, hostel and private rooms. Portugal to Spain in minutes.

Today’s walk about 20 kms in Spain. A Guarda to beautiful village, Oia, by the sea, with only two choices of accommodations. I’m lucky to have booked the popular Casa de Puertas.

Ocean from my window, overlooking the narrow lane and the wild Atlantic. Stone buildings, visitors, Pilgrims and tourists. What is the difference? My question from the beginning in Porto.

Waited until 20:00 for dinner at Enrique’s with pilgrim amigas from Ireland. Worth the wait.

Fiona and Olivia ordered from the Spanish menu, fish rice. Ha! Fabulous seafood paella.
Gourmet flan? Yes, mmm, the best.

Views of the water from every turn. My room facing the sea with the rhythmic melodies of wind and tide, all day and all night, the endless currents of ocean.

Gratitude abounds on the Camino, grateful for connections and relationships, valuing the fleeting moments of walking conversations and slow dinners over sharing. Yes, fleeting, for this is the moment we have, what we know.

I’m learning to accept that elemental truth of Impermanence. Each step, each chance meeting, leaves us, yet remains. How can that be? I’m working this out as I walk. As I remember and forget.

Walked the full day, with new friends from Washington state, who invited me to join them in the Water Taxi to A Guarda. Low tide, so no ferry.

Mario transported us from Portugal to España 5€ in five minutes. 9:00 in Portugal and 10:00 in Spain. Another puzzle.

And met Sylvia from Sacramento, originally from Guatemala.

Life is good. Everything I love about the Camino in one day. Meeting new amigas and hearing their stories, breaking bread together, practicing español, being part of the human family. One day at a time, walking on the spectacular Seaside Camino.

Buen Camino 👣❤️

Next stop Baiona.

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