Notes from Home, Camino 2019


Hola amigos, thank you for walking with me.  I’m home now with lots of Camino stories to still share. The next blog post will be a continuation of my Camino from Padrón on the Camino Portuguese, after the Espiritual Variant. But there are other off-Camino stories to tell, too.

On the Camino we often live day by day, sometimes finding our beds for the night when we arrive at our last stop of the day; meeting new friends who become part of our Camino; hoping to end up in the city we prepared to visit when we dreamed this adventure.  And much that is unknown, which is one of the things we may love. Or not. Yet, the world continues and so we may have one foot on the Way and another in our lives at home.


After my Camino, I returned to my Northern California home,  about 100 miles from raging fires and smoke and my own darkened community, with a PG&E preventive power outage that lasted several days for safety. The distant fires are now out or contained and our power is restored. We wish this would be the end of the fire season, but no, we have been advised to expect more planned outages, all the darkness and uncertainties of shutoff utilities, and still continued management of our resources. My town is also 100 miles from Butte County,  where the deadly Camp fire destroyed the town of Paradise, one year ago, November 2018.  We take fire safety seriously.

But there is gratitude. We’re grateful to the firefighters for their dedication and courage, keeping us safe and we grieve for those with terrible losses. And to our families and community for kindness and generosity, reminding us that we always have much work to do to help each other and especially those who experience and continue to live with loss and uncertainty.   Thank you, amigos. 

Next Posts: Catching up on the Camino, 2019, Padrón to Santiago to Muxía, Astorga, Madrid, Toledo and home. Keep on walking!

Ultreia, Irene

4 thoughts on “Notes from Home, Camino 2019

    1. Ive been home now since Hi Thank you, Roz. I returned late on October 18, then a few days away before coming home to my ice chest, lantern and butane burner. Grateful we have power now. Hope all is good for you. Especially the air.

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