Catching Up, Camino 2019


Hola amigos, thank you for walking with me. This post is a continuation of my Camino after the September 28, 2019 post,   Walking Espiritual Variant Stages 2 and 3. You can check out my previous blog to see why it’s taken me so long to post.  I’ll be catching up from the Spiritual Variant to my last day in Spain in Toledo and Madrid. For now, walk along with me to Padrón, Santiago and Muxía. Padrón is the last stop on the Camino Portuguese Way before Santiago de Compostela.

Back to the Camino: After arrival  in Padrón, my Peregrina amiga, Cinzia,  from Italy and I walked around town. While we don’t speak each other’s home language, we had no trouble communicating. Just ask any pilgrim how that can be and you will hear similar stories.  Then I spent a night in the very basic municipal Albergue, beds so close together, we could almost feel the breath of the pilgrim next to us, as our heads were separated only by a wooden slat, reminiscent of my last night on the Camino Portuguese, 2018, in Padrón.

A flashback: Last year’s stay was in a private hostel, more “upscale,” with sheets, blankets and towels. My sleep was interrupted at 2:00 a.m. by a tipsy party guy when he returned from celebrating. Almost immediately he started snoring nonstop. Fully awake now, I moved my pack to the lobby, dressed and left at 4:00 a.m.  Yes, I know, sleep and snoring are mentioned often in my blogs!

img_6358I easily found the Camino, walked in the dark with my headlamp, then met up with two Peregrinas I had walked with on and off for several days on my Way and we entered Santiago together, collecting our Compostelas, finding beds and celebrating.



But this is a new year, still not much sleep, yet no trouble staying awake with my favorite Leche Manchado and an omelette. Yes, I asked for Tortilla, but this arrived. Yum!

Xardin Botánico de Padrón
Carmen’s Convent

Sar River, Padrón

Then journey on to Santiago de Compostela, where I spent two days preparing for my next stages. And saying goodbye.

I’m the photographer, but my spirit is with my friends.

Amigas from Italy

Farewells are always a mixed blessing. To be included in this Camino community was an unexpected highlight of my journey. Wonderful memories, new friends and experiences because of the chance meeting in Armenteira.  Life is compressed. More lessons about living in the present. Gratitude for the moment. Isn’t that the way of the Camino?

Looking back, I understand that it’s easier moving in and out of those experiences on the Camino than at home. Adventure upon adventure. New friends and the unfamiliar are all part of the walk. I want to bring the Camino back. Always. And I do. That is the challenge. But onward we go, for there’s more to come.

After goodbyes and hugs, it was time for the next stages of our Caminos, returning home for some Peregrinos, or on to the End of the World. Or other adventures.  Next morning I left for Muxía, my favorite seaside village, greeted once again, by Celia and Angel at Albergue Bela Muxía. This was my fifth stay, and I was welcomed by name! What a privilege to stay here again, my home by the sea. img_5582

Staying at Bela Muxía is Poetry! The rooms are named for poets and writers.

Bela Muxía is right on the path to the Santuario de Virxe da Barca, the church, the highest viewpoint, Miradoiro do Corpiño, the lighthouse and the spectacular rocky sea and the zero marker, for this, too, is the End of the World, as is Fisterra. But not the end of my Camino.



Climbing to the highest point and always meeting new friends along the Way.


Time for reflection, walking, meetings and partings.

Next was another day in Santiago and onward by train to Astorga, where I volunteered as a hospitalera for two weeks at the Albergue de Peregrinos Siervas de Maria.


More to come next time, as I share my continuing journey, Astorga, Madrid and Toledo on the Way.


Thank you for walking with me on the Camino. I’ll see you soon on the next stages of this great Camino adventure.

Ultreia et Suseia. Irene

The End of the World? Muxía or you can walk to Fisterra. Both End of the World!

8 thoughts on “Catching Up, Camino 2019

  1. My dear Cousin, You are an amazing gift from G-d! I admire your sense of adventure!! To revel in your sharing through pictures and prose of your trip commanding your flexibility and steadfastness throughout your journey is a gift from you to me! I am thinking extra strongly of you today and Mom. Love, Couz


  2. Thank you for walking with me, M. You’re right, this Camino was amazing and I was happily walking on the Way and returned home happier than ever. I always bring the Camino home. Buen Camino 👣❤️


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