Trains and Boots on The Way

Hola from España, Amigos. I'm finding out just how much I love the Camino and why! The spiritual and calm walking compared to being a traveler in crowded big cities is a reason I continue returning to the Way. But, the earlier arrival gives me time to vanquish jet lag, meet people on and off … Continue reading Trains and Boots on The Way

Unpacking the Camino: Arrows in Segovia Parts I, II, III

  Hola, Amigos. I am back home, reflecting, Unpacking and catching up on all that waits while we are away.  So much to consider: gratitude for kindness and relationships, with peregrinos (at home and on the Camino), hospitaleros and the many people we encounter everyday. . . gratitude for the opportunity to walk this Way … Continue reading Unpacking the Camino: Arrows in Segovia Parts I, II, III

On to Burgos

Hola, amigos, today started rainy, but ended up a glorious, mild day. When I walked off the ALSA bus, from Madrid to Burgos, 2 hrs 30 min, a little drizzle, no map or phone signal, a fleeting sense of concern flashed through my mind-Irene, the pilgrim who is never lost, was a bit disoriented. Alas, … Continue reading On to Burgos

Arrived in Madrid

I Walked in the San Francisco airport for possibly 4 km and didn't see one pilgrim with a backpack, BUT I did meet Mary, originally from England, who was returning to her home in Spain. She walked the Camino to Santiago, with her Spanish husband (now 83) in 2004, and we spoke Camino. In line … Continue reading Arrived in Madrid

A Pilgrim Gathering and Time to Hike on the Coast

Hello, friends. We've had spring weather and lovely hiking days here on the Northern California coast. I just returned from three days in Montara, Half Moon Bay and the sandy shores of the Pacific Ocean and Golden Gate National Recreation Area. If you're attending the 2018 American Pilgrims on the Camino National Gathering in Menlo … Continue reading A Pilgrim Gathering and Time to Hike on the Coast

Are you Rainproof?

Hello, intrepid walkers, the sun is dancing in and out of clouds, it's the first day of Spring in Northern California (and some other parts of the world, weather or not!)  and it's another rainy morning. Have you been walking despite the rain, snow, fog and ice? If you're addicted to walking like I am, … Continue reading Are you Rainproof?

Walking the Walk, Walking the Talk

Writing about the life-changing experiences of walking on the Camino, I feel like an advocate for WALKING and how pilgrims meet people from all over the world, speaking the language of peace and equality, with our feet and our hearts. Walking the Walk! Off the trail, I continue to be an advocate, writing about my … Continue reading Walking the Walk, Walking the Talk