Walking Through the Ages (Formerly Beyond Borders on the Camino)

Welcome to WALKING THROUGH THE AGES.  I’m Irene Lipshin, a walker, pilgrim, poet, writer, teacher, photographer, grandma, social justice activist and more. I celebrated my 70th birthday on the Camino de Santiago in Spain, the summer of 2016, returning in 2017 for a highlight walk.

Why WALKING THROUGH THE AGES?  I want to share the joys and benefits I’ve discovered and experienced in my walking life and hear about yours. We’re all  on our life’s path, our Camino. Together we will ramble, wander and discover the many ways we walk our journey.  Our path will lead to the physical, social, emotional and healing components of walking as we mature and age and continue exploring the different roles we walk, from first to last steps.

In my blog posts,  my walking experiences, research and philosophy will be the stepping stones of stories and features. And your stories will add to the rich understanding of our walking lives.

I love how we connect through the elemental footprint of  life: story, change and growth, whether it is the day to day landscape of living, walks at home and beyond or the gradual changes we observe with each birthday. I am by nature a poet –  reflection, metaphor, paradox, puzzles and mysteries, created and solved by walking.

D. Howell 2017 copy
Watercolor Portrait by Dick Howell, Sierra Nevada Artist, 2017: A gift after my first Camino. Thank you!

As a life-long student and practitioner of Human Development, from Master’s Degree to the journey in real time, I’ve been walking an exciting and life-changing Camino.

As you can see, walking is my passion! I hope you will tell us your story or write a comment after reading the posts and add to the rich experiences shared by readers, walkers, writers and pilgrims.  Thank you for walking with me.  Buen Camino, Irene Lipshin



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Irene, So sorry I have missed a lot as I didn’t get emails and your original blog site was buried in old email–also been out of town some too. I love your photos and I am catching up, only have reviewed to your second day…I know much has been on Facebook, but don’t get that. The pictures are gorgeous! I will catch up! You might be home before I realize! Hugs, Art


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