Wandering and Walking on the Camino

Hola amigos, I'm off for another walk, wandering in Spain and Portugal. Join me as I recap 2016 and 2017, as I'm almost out the door for 2018 on the Camino. Ultreia.

Afterword: Comfort Zone Revisited 2017

 Afterword: Comfort Zone Revisited 2017Placerville, CAPlacerville, CAI stood in Praza do Obradoiro with the Cathedral Santiago in the background, my trekking poles high above, reaching for the heavens in a V for victory. This was the final celebration of the summer of my 70th birthday in 2016. I had walked on the Camino de Santiago … Continue reading Afterword: Comfort Zone Revisited 2017

Walking the Way to Santiago: a poem

  Walking the Way to Santiago: a poem Placerville, CA Placerville, CA WALKING THE WAY TO SANTIAGO Irene Lipshin 2017 "…doors open to all, well and ill, not only to Catholics, but to pagans, Jews and heretics, the idler and the vagabond…the good and the wicked." Thirteenth century poet praising the Roncesvalles pilgrim hostel in … Continue reading Walking the Way to Santiago: a poem

The Camino Provides in Madrid: A Second Chance Day

  The Camino Provides in Madrid: A Second Chance Day Madrid, Spain Madrid, Spain What is a surprise, but the unexpected? I awoke this morning, hoping I would find a quieter and more soulful walk, an extension of my Camino, in the green spaces of my Madrid map. I also vowed not to stay in … Continue reading The Camino Provides in Madrid: A Second Chance Day

Finding My Way in Madrid, Spain

  Finding My Way in Madrid, Spain Madrid, Spain Madrid, Spain Hola from Madrid. I have a new way of approaching a city with unknown everything- language, streets, neighborhoods, really could be any city, home or abroad. In my mind, I'm playing a variation of orienteering. I check out the map, ask often for directions … Continue reading Finding My Way in Madrid, Spain

Adios Santiago de Compostela

  Adios Santiago de Compostela Santiago de Compostela, Spain Santiago de Compostela, Spain Away from the Comfort Zone of home for almost six weeks has helped me observe myself, work on the self-assessment that will help me move to a new level. It may seem self-indulgent, in fact I've thought about the outward appearance of … Continue reading Adios Santiago de Compostela