On the Way, London to Paris to Bayonne

  On the Way, London to Paris to Bayonne Paris, France Paris, France Another train back to London and a new zone. Goodbyes and sweet memories to carry to the next stage of this journey. Ah, do we truly value the comfort of a real bed and privacy? Yes, yes and I moved from that … Continue reading On the Way, London to Paris to Bayonne

What's Your Comfort Zone?

  What's Your Comfort Zone? Brentwood, United Kingdom Brentwood, United Kingdom My cousins are advising me how to travel around London and Brentwood safely. I purchased a ticket to go from Heathrow to their home, using the self-service machine, choosing ZONES 1-9. I was instructed to "Mind the Gap," stay awake on the train and … Continue reading What's Your Comfort Zone?

Royal Horticultural Society, Hyde Hall

  Royal Horticultural Society, Hyde Hall Chelmsford, United Kingdom Chelmsford, United Kingdom What a surprise to visit Hyde Hall, one of the Royal Horticultural Gardens in the U. K. I'm inspired not only by the beauty of colorful and green summer gardens in full bloom, but the RHS's mission of education, science and community. Restaurants, … Continue reading Royal Horticultural Society, Hyde Hall

Cheers from England

  Cheers from England London, United Kingdom London, United Kingdom Good morning friends. It's 5 a.m. Wednesday here in England. My travels have been long, of course, but easy. I'm getting ready for the Camino by hiking through airports, the Underground, the Overground and a stroll to a pub in my cousins' neighborhood. My cousins, … Continue reading Cheers from England

Sacramento International Airport

  Sacramento International Airport Sacramento, CA Sacramento, CA I have so many people to thank and I can't believe how emotional this departure has been. My friends and family, you are all so supportive of me taking this later-in-life journey. And Art, I'm grateful for my ride to Sacramento international Airport. Seamless- you dropped me … Continue reading Sacramento International Airport