Wandering and Walking on the Camino

Hola amigos, I'm off for another walk, wandering in Spain and Portugal. Join me as I recap 2016 and 2017, as I'm almost out the door for 2018 on the Camino. Ultreia.

More Camino Stories

Was Your Camino Life-Changing? Stories Continued Hello, Readers. It's the Season of Light, Change, Celebration and Sharing.  The thread that runs through these stories is Gratitude. My hope is that we all continue to practice kindness, gratitude and compassion in our everyday lives, not just on the Camino or in December, but 365 days a … Continue reading More Camino Stories

Camino Pilgrim Stories

Hello, Readers. Last month, I asked you this question: Was Your Camino Life-Changing? I'm happy to report that I received many stories, as unique and special as the pilgrims who sent them to me. I plan to share them with you, a few each blog, some long, some brief, but all expressing personal, as well … Continue reading Camino Pilgrim Stories

Was Your Camino Life-changing?

Life-changing is how many Pilgrims describe their Camino experience.  We might spend months and sometimes years preparing for our journey. What happens when we complete our pilgrimage and come home to our everyday life,  our time of RE-ENTRY?   If you've already walked a Camino, whether short or long, please contribute to the discussion with … Continue reading Was Your Camino Life-changing?

Be Inspired: Camino, The Power of Community and “I’ll Push You”

Buen Camino, friends. I'm sharing an amazing and inspiring story and documentary, "I'll Push You"  about a lifelong friendship, love, community, courage,  faith and The Camino, the story of moving Beyond the Borders of limitations. Watch the Ted Talk and be inspired.  In the Documentary, "I'll Push You," we meet two Pilgrims,  Justin Skeesuck, in a wheel chair, and … Continue reading Be Inspired: Camino, The Power of Community and “I’ll Push You”

Madrid Walking Tour Connecting Yesterday and Today

Hola, friends. A note: This post is from my recent  2017 Camino: On the Way home, a stop in Madrid, continued. It's full of photos and. . . .  commentary.   I'm home, but I feel that I am still on Camino, reporting my experiences and observations on a Madrid Walking Tour and how we … Continue reading Madrid Walking Tour Connecting Yesterday and Today

Kindness on the Camino: how a lost hat found its way home

Dear friends, how many hats does it take to make a grown woman cry? This is the story of Camino Kindness that repeated over and over on my Journey of unexpected turns, detours, changes, surprises and lessons from the beginning. It is why I say, "The Camino never ends." Here is The six word Hemingway … Continue reading Kindness on the Camino: how a lost hat found its way home