Out of Pamplona to Zariquigui


Out of Pamplona to Zariquigui
Zariquiegui, Spain

Zariquiegui, Spain

Finished hiking today and staying in Albergue San Andreas, in the little village of Zariquigui, after leaving Pamplona this morning. We’ve been staying in Albergues because it’s much more social than a hotel or guest house without pilgrims. Privacy and sleep I’ll recover once I’m home. Never thought I could be that flexible.

According to one of the pilgrims stopping for the day, a scene in “The Way” was filmed here. Mañana we hope to leave early in the morning to see the sunrise and the Sculptures of Pilgrims at Alto de Perdon and more windmills. High altitude and steep descent. Today was a mix of urban streets and agricultural land.

The sign in our room: “Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about CREATING YOURSELF.” It’s very hot. 29 and rising to 34. 88 to 94. Tomorrow hotter. Drinking lots of water from my new water bottle. Once more, It’s about CREATING YOURSELF.” Buen Camino.


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