Estella to Los Arcos


Estella to Los Arcos
Los Arcos, Spain

Los Arcos, Spain

Hola, Amigos. We’re still moving along on the stages of our Journey. We each have a different Camino. Craig’s goal is to walk to Santiago, with more than enough time planned for that finish. My timeline is six weeks shorter, so I’m considering several options for the next 20 days. For me, walking to Santiago will mean skipping stages (or extending my time). At this point we have walked about 160 Km. The full Camino is 800+ Km. I will have a Creative Camino! Considering lots of options for next few weeks.

From Estella to Los Arcos was a full day, rising early, then hiking to the Fuente de Vino. Lots of disappointed pilgrims, as we were too early for this famous wine fountain. But agua ran freely. I stopped at a blacksmith’s shop on the way up the vino hill and bought the lightest object I could find: an iron scallop shell the size of my thumb, weighing about an ounce. Every ounce counts when you have to carry it.

We trekked up and down the Camino and long open sections of farmland and vineyards in sweltering heat. After about 22 Km. we arrived in the small village of Los Arcos. My pension was in an out of the way part of Los Arcos, but comfortable. Staying in some pensions means not seeing another pilgrim until going out to find dinner, walking around the little town or leaving in the morning. There is a distinct social advantage to staying in the albergues.

Tomorrow is another long distance walk of 19+ to Viana. Next big city is Logrono. Ultreia! Buen Camino.


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