A Camino Anniversary

A year ago today, we began our hike over the Pyrenees from France to Spain. Everything would be a surprise, from weather, how heavy exactly is a full pack, what we think is necessary in our day to day lives, our own stamina, physical and emotional, our ability to walk in heat or rain and for long hours on trails leading to the unknown, how we would be forever changed and the meaning of Buen Camino and Ultreia.

I met up with my Camino partner in London. We walked together from SJPdP to Logrono. After that we walked solo, but not alone. We each celebrated our own Camino in Santiago, but what a perfect start to share this adventure with a friend.


We started the Camino in San Jean Pied de Port, France, as ready as we would ever be to wake up early the next day to hike over the Pyrenees to Spain. Let the adventure begin. Oh, yes, we had high expectations of walking into breathtaking views. Another Camino lesson. Instead the cool mist, rain and mountain sounds walked with us. Still breathtaking. 👣

Check out my blog posts from my 2016 Camino. I recently transferred the blog, Irenie on the Way, from TravelPod, the host that decided to shut down its site after I returned. Thirty posts and more than 100 pictures disappeared from the internet. Only the posts transferred, so I hope to eventually find time to post some of the photos from My Camino. Each day I composed a blog post about my experiences and emotions on this life-changing pilgrimage, using my phone as wordprocessor and camera.

In just a few weeks I’ll be off again, to travel and learn about the world and my place in it. A lesson in humanity. Buen Camino, mis amigos.

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