Rain, Sunshine and on the Way Again

On the Camino June 2018

Hola amigos, I just finished my first day of walking on the Camino Francés with my pilgrim friend Marylee. She met me at the Leon Railway Station and we walked into the center to Leon Hostel across from the Cathedral. Last year I spent three days in Leon before I began walking on the Camino. You can see my Leon pictures in the 2017 Camino entries. Below is the Cathedral.

We walked around the city, looking for arrows and scallop shells and found where the Camino starts. Caught in a downpour, we found a cafe and enjoyed dinner.

Leon Cathedral 2017

Leon 2018Our Menu del día, included flan. Then we prepared for our walk, the only plan, to stop when we were ready.

This morning we were lucky to find a Pasteleria across from our hostel and I finally had cafe con leche and carried out an amazing spinach cheese empanada for lunch. On our way we met up with Sacramento Pilgrim, Kathy in the Cathedral square. More stops at a supermercado for snacks to eat along the Way plus another cafe stop, hanging out with other Pilgrims.

This bridge crosses over railroad tracks out of the city.

Pilgrims choose to stay on the Camino Francés or walk to Oviedo. Follow the arrow.

Wild flowers are everywhere along the Way, including this very industrialized and commercial exit out of Leon. If a pilgrim is short on time, this is one stage that some guides suggest skipping. But look at the flowers and there is another choice.

We walked the alternative route that is longer, but less highway and commercial development. The classic Picasso Guernica greets Pilgrims in the Albergue ‘s entry.

We stayed in a mixed dorm at El Pajar a new Albergue we discovered on our walk. Friendly and helpful, fun artsy decor and restful setting and good food. Breakfast included. Tomorrow we walk to Albergue Verde in Hospital de Orbigo.

At the Albergue El Pajar with our hospitalera and friends.

More flowers, storks, the greenest grass and spectacular skies, some rain (no pics) and stopping to put on our ponchos, which kept us dry, a picnic lunch and a lot of walking on pavement out of Leon. And by the way, no surprise: my light pack is a little heavy. Tomorrow, though, is another surprise.

Buen Camino


4 thoughts on “Rain, Sunshine and on the Way Again

  1. Tramping through Iberia with Christian soldiers sounds like a plot for a Nelson Eddy movie. You remember Nelson Eddy? Oh well!
    You can break into song while you are tramp tramp tramping along. have a glass of vino into for me.


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