Catching Up, Camino 2019

Hola amigos, thank you for walking with me. This post is a continuation of my Camino after the September 28, 2019 post,   Walking Espiritual Variant Stages 2 and 3. You can check out my previous blog to see why it's taken me so long to post.  I'll be catching up from the Spiritual Variant to my … Continue reading Catching Up, Camino 2019

Walking Espiritual Variant Stages 2 and 3

23 of September, 2019 Hola amigos. The Spiritual Variant continues after we walk through the shadowy Ruta de la Piedra y del Agua with its old water mills along the river, into a park and on past gardens and vineyards in the approach of the Arousa Estuary. A little background on how I decided to … Continue reading Walking Espiritual Variant Stages 2 and 3

An Update from Spiritual Variant Day One

Hola amigos, Post from 21 September, 2019 I'm in the village of Poio, on the Spiritual Variant. My room is in the Monasterio de Poio Hospedería, less than 10 kms and a world away from Pontevedra. We walked in lush, green, rainy and beautiful hills and paths. Most of the time my camera was in … Continue reading An Update from Spiritual Variant Day One

Oia to Baiona

Hola, amigos. We're in España on the Way to the Espiritual Variant through Oia, Baiona and villages along the way. Every day is new on the Camino. What we imagine might or might not become reality, but onward we walk. I've been surprised by the number of arrows, shells, Waymarkers and Pilgrims on the Camino … Continue reading Oia to Baiona