Habla español? Hospitaleros on the Camino

Hola amigos, I'm finally unpacking my 2019 journey of volunteering as Hospitalera in the Albergue de Peregrinos Siervas de Maria, in beautiful Astorga.  Some things are best understood with the distance of time,  according to philosopher, (Søren Kierkegaard, “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward”).   So here is the … Continue reading Habla español? Hospitaleros on the Camino

From Portugal to Spain: A Meandering Tale and the Long Walk

Hola amigos. I'm writing from Muxia on the Costa da Morte. This isn't a rerun, although I walked to this village on the Finisterre-Muxia Camino in July. Check out earlier blogs for more images of this incredible coast. My story goes from present to past, the real world. I'm excited to be here, my fourth … Continue reading From Portugal to Spain: A Meandering Tale and the Long Walk

Day 5 Walking in the Sand

Today was a ten out of ten on the Portuguese Coastal Way. I walked with a new Camino Amiga from Denmark, Erica, a seasoned peregrina who wanted to walk the same Way as I do: the Camino Litoral on the beach. We had checked the maps and guides and for this stage the recommendation was … Continue reading Day 5 Walking in the Sand

On to Burgos

Hola, amigos, today started rainy, but ended up a glorious, mild day. When I walked off the ALSA bus, from Madrid to Burgos, 2 hrs 30 min, a little drizzle, no map or phone signal, a fleeting sense of concern flashed through my mind-Irene, the pilgrim who is never lost, was a bit disoriented. Alas, … Continue reading On to Burgos

Resolution: Let’s Hike and Preserve California’s Coastal Trails

Here it is 2018, time to make resolutions and promises, perhaps to walk more often and longer, as in walks around the block or local walking trails, day hikes, backpacking treks or pilgrimages like the Camino de Santiago in Spain. If a daily walk is your New Year's Resolution, you won’t have to worry about … Continue reading Resolution: Let’s Hike and Preserve California’s Coastal Trails

More Camino Stories

Was Your Camino Life-Changing? Stories Continued Hello, Readers. It's the Season of Light, Change, Celebration and Sharing.  The thread that runs through these stories is Gratitude. My hope is that we all continue to practice kindness, gratitude and compassion in our everyday lives, not just on the Camino or in December, but 365 days a … Continue reading More Camino Stories

Camino Pilgrim Stories

Hello, Readers. Last month, I asked you this question: Was Your Camino Life-Changing? I'm happy to report that I received many stories, as unique and special as the pilgrims who sent them to me. I plan to share them with you, a few each blog, some long, some brief, but all expressing personal, as well … Continue reading Camino Pilgrim Stories

Was Your Camino Life-changing?

Life-changing is how many Pilgrims describe their Camino experience.  We might spend months and sometimes years preparing for our journey. What happens when we complete our pilgrimage and come home to our everyday life,  our time of RE-ENTRY?   If you've already walked a Camino, whether short or long, please contribute to the discussion with … Continue reading Was Your Camino Life-changing?