Sacramento International Airport


Sacramento International Airport
Sacramento, CA

Sacramento, CA

I have so many people to thank and I can’t believe how emotional this departure has been. My friends and family, you are all so supportive of me taking this later-in-life journey. And Art, I’m grateful for my ride to Sacramento international Airport. Seamless- you dropped me off, took my pictures and bid me goodbye all within an hour from Placerville. Uber can’t hold a candle to you. Gracias.

And the Alphabet? REI for your awesome customer service about all things trekking. AA for flying me PRIORITY and getting me through the line in a few minutes. And
when I tried to check my box with my new folded-down-to -13″ Black Diamond walking poles, I was more than assured I should not check it, but carry it on and not visit the luggage carousel at Heathrow. Encouraged me. Through the line I sailed, TSA pre check, but had to open my taped box. No problem, except they kept my small scouting knife. Wow. REI, AA, TSA. Teachers love the alphabet. I’m now ready to hike around the airport, and lighter than when I walked in. I will refrain from believing the next 20 hours will be a breeze, but I’m grateful to a lot of people and the fun has started. The first hour of this airport story has a great ending. One hour at a time. Buen Camino, mis Amigos


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