Cheers from England


Cheers from England
London, United Kingdom

London, United Kingdom

Good morning friends. It’s 5 a.m. Wednesday here in England. My travels have been long, of course, but easy. I’m getting ready for the Camino by hiking through airports, the Underground, the Overground and a stroll to a pub in my cousins’ neighborhood. My cousins, Colin and Linda, gave me perfect directions from Heathrow to their home outside London. I traveled in the Underground Picadilly Line to Holborn, changed to Central line to Liverpool St. Station. Then to Overground and Brentwood. Our timing was spot on and they met me at the station. All without a phone call. I’m planning to meet my traveling companion, Craig, next Sunday, in London, but our texts seem to be passing each other by. Hope to get that sorted. My cousin is celebrating his birthday with a party Saturday and we will be shopping and getting ready. Cheerio.


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