On the Way, London to Paris to Bayonne


On the Way, London to Paris to Bayonne
Paris, France

Paris, France

Another train back to London and a new zone. Goodbyes and sweet memories to carry to the next stage of this journey. Ah, do we truly value the comfort of a real bed and privacy? Yes, yes and I moved from that Comfort Zone to the St. Pancras International Hostel, sharing bunks in a room with five other women with WC and shower.

Craig and I met up at the hostel and we walked around a bit of London, the very busy Covent Gardens and next a tranquil Tavistock Square and Peace Park, a statue of Mahatma Gandhi, a Conscientious Objector Memorial, a memorial to Virginia Woolf. We ended our evening with a memorable and delicious middle-eastern dinner.

Sleep was at a premium and I rose before the sun. Early in the morning we walked to the Nord de Gare, one of the starting points for the Eurostar. The 2 1/2 hour train journey carried us through the Chunnel (it’s dark!), then whizzed by farmland, windmills, nuclear power plants and villages, from London to Paris. We had three hours before our next train to walk around Paris with our heavy backpacks to the Eiffel Tower and Peace Memorial. Must be more to leave behind to lighten our loads.

Five hours on the TGV, the fast train to Bayonne, in the foothills of the Pyrenees, near the border of France and Spain. Mañana a short train ride to SJPdP to begin the Camino on Wednesday. Buen Camino, amigos.


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