What's Your Comfort Zone?


What’s Your Comfort Zone?
Brentwood, United Kingdom

Brentwood, United Kingdom

My cousins are advising me how to travel around London and Brentwood safely. I purchased a ticket to go from Heathrow to their home, using the self-service machine, choosing ZONES 1-9. I was instructed to “Mind the Gap,” stay awake on the train and be extra attentive when walking and crossing streets. As kids, we learned to look both ways, but in the UK that means watching for cars driving on the left. Pay attention! Drivers are sitting on the right and driving on the left! Crossing the street is a challenge.

On the way to the walking paths, I passed Kelvedon Hatch Primary School. Linda was head teacher or principal of a different school and arranged a tour here during one of my visits more than 10 years ago. I was welcomed in to see a developmentally appropriate curriculum for all children, an outdoor adventure area, swimming pool and excited learners.

I was surprised to find walking and bridle paths in the woods, right in the neighborhood, that gave me a more relaxed chance to hike with my pack and boots and keep preparing for the trek that begins next week. For horses, people and dogs, this path is around the corner from my cousins’ house. I liked it much better than hiking close to the road with cars zooming by. I hope some of my Camino hiking is in rolling and green terrain like this.

I wanted to know what direction I was traveling in this secluded wood. Judging from the position of the sun, I figured SW. My compass validated my calculation.

The arrow points the way. To my Comfort Zone? I guess it’s time to recognize my Zone is a little chaos, adventure, new ideas, places, people and cultures. And coming home to family and friends. A little security and a lot of life hiking on the edge.

What’s your Comfort Zone?


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