Finally to the End of the World


Finally to the End of the World
Fisterra, Spain

Fisterra, Spain

Finally, to Finisterre! Yes, The End of the World! We walked in fog and rain to step onto the edge of the earth. My Camino friend, Darlene, and I planned the morning hike, the spot where Pilgrims gather to celebrate and mark the passage of the Camino de Santiago. What’s a little fog? While burning boots and clothing has been a ritual, it is no longer allowed because of fire danger. On this day, I doubt a match would even light. But we didn’t need any more celebration than our inner, self-knowledge, that we had, each in our own way, accomplished a personal and spiritual goal, a time-honored pilgrimage. First silence and awe at the beauty and meaning of this short hike through time and ritual, then a sharing of this moment. The fog is lifting.


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