Festas Padronais do Carmen in Finisterre


Festas Padronais do Carmen in Finisterre
Fisterra, Spain

Fisterra, Spain

When traveling in a foreign country, the guide advises, check out the calendar of local festivals, to be sure you will have accommations and not miss the excitement. Or maybe you will want to come at a quieter time. After letting the Camino provide, living day by day, and walking part of the Finisterre Camino, we continue finding many surprises. We indeed had reservations and are in our Albergue for two nights.

We missed the guidebook. We saw the setup of a festival in Muxia and then here in Finisterre, too. But we weren’t prepared for a Mardi Gras type all night celebration. From 10:00 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. loud speakers, firecrackers, music, dancing, large crowds, parades of celebrants entertained.

It is a two day festival, and continued today as Virgen del Carmen was carried in an elaborate and solemn procession to a boat, followed by a flotilla behind her, out to sea. (Check internet for details!). While we watched, we were offered a place on a sloop, pulling up anchor to enter the parade, but graciously declined, staying on the rickety pier walkway as the flotilla moved away from the small harbor.

This was almost a full day in fog and misty rain. In our Albergue we met a guest from Norway who comes every year to participate in the festivities, Festas Padronais do Carmen. I will be sleepless one more night as the music, dancing and fireworks will again begin at 10 p.m. and end in the morning. I am definitely observing from the outside.


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