Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Hola, familia y amigos.

I hope I have been able to express my gratitude to you for your support, following my journey, the preparation and the day to day changes. At this moment I’m in San Martin Pinario, Hospederia Seminario Mayor in Santiago, in my small room, once a private cell for a Seminarian seeking solitude and answers. I, too, have much to think about, to reflect and process this pilgrimage, a Camino of spirit, mind and body. I am back from Finisterre and Muxia, dipped my toes in the Atlantic and walked to the End of the World.

I am forever grateful to have started with my good friend, Craig Simpson. We dreamed and planned from the beginning, set out together and learned much about the Camino and life in those first weeks of our walk. My heart is filled with memories of the many Camino friends along the way, new relationships that opened doors I doubt I would have discovered alone. A special thank you to my pilgrim friends, Serena, Sandra and Fabio from South Africa and Darlene from Toronto, Canada. Walking with each of you made my Camino even more amazing.

And Moira, my fellow Poet and pilgrim, thanks for sharing your own Camino and cheering me on as I trained, walking up and down the hills of Placerville with a full pack in the summer heat.

My English cousins, Colin and Linda, you helped me prepare for the Camino, in the comfort of your awesome company and home and the woods, in your village outside of London. Thank you.

To you all, good friends and family, your encouragement and my feeling that you were walking with me made this a true Camino. I appreciate your positive comments, but I want to say again, while this pilgrimage brought me to Spain, we are all on our own Caminos, our personal experiences, searches, trials, successes and transformations in life.

To Kate, Tom, Kristin, Miles, Jeff, Meg and Dylan, I wish you a Buen Camino, wherever the journey takes you.

And my brother, Jack, an intrepid walker, you would be amazed how Spain has changed, since your trek so long ago. Mom and Dad, with me in spirit, you would have loved the adventure.

And… thanks to the Camino de Santiago Forum and the American Pilgrims on the Camino, Camino bloggers for the unlimited advice, assistance and encouragement, sharing and fun information, all on the web. And muchas gracias to the Sacramento Pilgrims on the Camino, almost in our backyard, for events and inspiration on all things Camino.

We are connected by our human journey. Bravo for us all to share the many Ways in life.

Ultreia. Buen Camino. Irene


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