Valença Portugal to Porriño Spain

The Peace Bookstore, I couldn’t resist. The message: The more you read the less you imitate.

Olá Amigos. Today I walked across time from Portugal back to Spain and I will report it is easier walking forward than backwards the way I originally entered, on the hot pavement that was not the Camino Way. By the way, about time: here is the picture again of the border on the Tui International Bridge above the Minho River, the dividing line between Spain and Portugal. Time in Spain is one hour ahead of Portugal. My smart phone is so sharp, the time instantly changed when I walked over the border the first day to Portugal. I left my watch on Spanish time.

What a fun dinner with a group of young German Pilgrims, who all met in the Albergue and invited me to join them. Lots to share and learn about each one. Then an early night and ready to walk as the sun rises to beat the heat.

While the Camino Portugues has a lot of cobble, asphalt and pavement the walk from Valença to Tui to Porriño winds through the fort in Valença, the historic section of Tui and later alternating areas of lush green vineyards, orchards and gardens on the way. We took the alternative route into Porriño, which saved us several miles of industrial scenery! Pictures below. About 23 Kms.

I loved our Albergue, Alojamiento Camino Portugues, so comfortable with private, individual compartments, wide beds, light and personal plug, interesting Pilgrims and fun. Had dinner with Pilgrims from Germany and a later a toast with two guys from England.

Redondela mañana and another highly recommended and similar Albergue.

Another post with more details coming soon. I spent two nights in Porriño to take care of an abrasion on my arm and to wait to walk early enough to beat the heat. Today it was 34 Celsius, 93.4 Fahrenheit.

Yikes! As you can see from the pictures I’m fine and ready to walk mañana, about 20 Kms to Redondela.

Bom Caminho,


p.s. This picnic includes the best chocolate I’ve had in ages.

3 thoughts on “Valença Portugal to Porriño Spain

  1. I am loving your pictures. Can’t wait to see them all when you return. Take care of yourself. Hugs🤗


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