One Foot in Portugal, One Foot in Spain

Olá Amigos, I’m in Portugal as I begin the short Portugues Camino, a minimum of 100 Kms to Santiago de Compostela. I walked at least 18 Kms today, but that won’t count, as I will need two sellos (stamps in my pilgrim credencial).

Our morning started around 5:00!a.m. today as everyone was ready to move on. I walked to Ponferrada’s estación de tren and rode the train on a four hour show of color, texture and time, with the River Sil meandering and in some parts white water rapids looking ready for rafts.Directions from the Guillarei Estación must have been for a car, as the only arrows I saw for miles were commercial and I walked on the highway, like Hwy 49. I was lucky to talk to many locals, who helped me find my way through Tui Spain to Valença Portugal.


Today was hot and the pathway hard surface. I walked through the fort in Valença so I could spend the night in Portugal. Inside the walls are hotels, Albergues, restaurants and shops. (Low battery, so fewer pics!)

I found my Albergue, a municipal, for $5 euro. Very, very basic, maybe in need of a spiffing up, but a good shower. Tomorrow I think I’ll try a step up. Plastic covers on the beds, no pillows or sheets, but I was first in this room of 50+ beds and have a bed by the window and a plug to share. I was so hot and ready to take off my pack, the sight of this Albergue assured me it was just what I needed and wanted.

I’m off to shop for some food to add to a communal meal.

Bom Caminho, Irene

3 thoughts on “One Foot in Portugal, One Foot in Spain

  1. Oh Irene! I am so enjoying your journey! Your pictures are exquisite and your story so easy to read. I can visualize your trek. Be safe dear friend. Hugs and love.

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  2. My husband and I did the Camino Portugues in March of this year – it’s wonderful to be reminded of it again. Our lives get so busy that it’s easy to forget. That might mean that I need to start planning another Camino!

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