Hola from Costa da Morte, Again

Hola amigos. I’m walking one last short Camino to Finisterre and Muxia: four days of walking from Cee to Muxia, with a day and night at The End of the World and Lires and two nights in Muxia. Right now I’m sitting on the patio, at my favorite Finisterre cafe, La Frontera, looking out at the harbor and the mountains. And if that’s not enough, I’m drinking cafe con leche, eating lunch and sharing stories with three sisters from Ireland who walked the Camino. What could be better at this moment?

I walked, about 14 kilometers from the village of Corcubión, after staying at the beautiful Casa Balea, next to Cee, (thank you to Cathy Seitchik Diaz for accommodation recommendations for this Camino) plus 6 Kms more to the lighthouse and the Zero Marker, again. And around Finisterre, for about 24 Kms. I’m tired and my feet are happy to be walking in sandals.

Today is a 10 on the scale of spectacular views from the Camino. The hike was up and down, many steep hills, some highway walking and surprise ocean views. Why should I be surprised? After all I’m on the Costa da Morte. Still around every corner my measure of gratitude increases until I can hardly contain myself. How can I be here, at this moment, I ask. Then I remember to be in the moment. The Now. No questions asked.

I hadn’t planned another walk to the lighthouse, but there was a carnival in Finisterre, with bands, costumes and lots of celebration. After a while I thought I would take that walk, perhaps a little calmer, I reasoned. Ha! Of course visitors flock to the lighthouse, tourists and pilgrims, and many wait until the 22:15 sunset.

I’m writing this in my quiet room at 22:40 and it’s still not dark. I’ll catch my sunset mañana.

Thanks for walking with me and Buen Camino.


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