The Wild and Spectacular Sea

Hola, amigos. I’m in Lires, a village between Finisterre and Muxia on the Costa da Morte. I divided the 30+ Kms stage to Muxia and arrived in this lovely Pensión /Albergue, As Eiras, with a reservation, near a beach and estuary, walking from Finisterre along the breathtaking coast.

I worried last night how to leave Finisterre, but a little research and help from maps and locals confirming the Way made it easy. I had a lot of time to think about this walk last night, between all night Fiesta, fireworks and noisy people in the room next to mine, I hardly slept. So today was a slow, slow Camino.

This is the best signed route I have walked. And the most beautiful! And The markers are often in tandem, opposite arrows, one for Muxia and one for Finisterre. No breadcrumbs needed. It would be hard to get lost. One difference between these signs and other Camino markers: no distance noted, only the destination.

I love the arrows, markers and guides on the Camino. While I’m challenged to read complicated maps, I can easily understand an arrow.

Weather perfect, a cool breeze, the sounds. Symphony of wind through coastal trees, birds chirping and singing, then the ocean joins in, the rhythm of waves, the tides, a distant rooster, a barking dog. Occasionally, the tap tapping of hiking poles, otherwise I’m walking my Slow Camino sometimes solo, sometimes with other pilgrims. When I’m alone, I stop so often to take pictures, I wonder how long it would take me to walk only about 16 Kms., if I didn’t stop. If I’m on a time schedule. I’m not.

This walk brings back memories of my bicycle treks with family and friends, in California, Oregon, Washington and British Columbia on the spectacular west coast. The hills were steep and the reward of downhills made the climb all the easier. The first sight of the sea, the sound of seals barking and waves crashing, I felt the same freedom today along the Costa da Morte.

Walking on the Camino with Pilgrims from all over the world, and listening to the music of so many different languages, reminds me how we can get along. What does it take? On and off the Camino, our humanity is the common denominator.

My last two days have been spent with Pilgrims from outside the USA on long walks. They brought up political and social concerns and voiced their dismay. I may be on the Camino, but I am still and always will be, a voice for children and our future. More than ever I see the world through the eyes of people who aren’t from the USA.

Keep speaking up, dear friends, in whatever your language, for peace and equality, for quality of life, for our environment. Speak for the children and for the future.

On the Way, I heard a child in the distance calling, “Abuela, Abuelo,”over and over. Grandma and grandpa, moms and dads, the same everywhere. We belong to the world community.

That includes people who flee with their children from violence or war or poverty believing anywhere would be better for their families. And most important: children belong with their families.

The Camino gives Pilgrims time and opportunity to consider the world, to look inside and outside at life beyond our borders. What a gift.

Next, a walk to my favorite seaside village, Muxia. I walked to Muxia two years ago from a small inland village and visited for several days last year. I remember the thrill of the first view of the sea. And fabulous sunsets. See my favorites below.

May you always feel the excitement of the beauty of our planet.

Buen Camino. Thank you for walking with me.


5 thoughts on “The Wild and Spectacular Sea

  1. This walk appears to be the best experience. Thank you again for sharing it through the dazzling pictures and descriptions. With you and those you meet we are thinking of the refuges and their children; asking ourselves how do we help come to their aid and right the wrong we see?

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  2. With the sun casting a blur in so many of the pictures, I thought it must be hot – glad to hear the breezes make your trip pleasurable. you convey the concepts of walking your own camino and finding your own rhythm so well! Blessings from sunny Fenelon Falls, where I just in the river whenever I get too hot.

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