On to Ponferrada and Off to Portugal

Hola Amigos. We are now in the city of Ponferrada in Albergue ALEA, a recommendation of the "Favorites " pilgrim download. Yes! So excited to have a vegetarian dinner, take a shower and sleep in a small dorm room for four, bottom bunk. ¡Bueno! We walked a challenging rocky, hard surfaced day, and toured the … Continue reading On to Ponferrada and Off to Portugal

Onward on the Camino

Hola amigos. We have been walking long days, with slow Wi-Fi on my not so slow walk: 25 Kms to Hospital de Órbigo, a town close to the end of the Meseta, the flat plains on the plateau of central Spain, between Burgos and Astorga. We stayed at Albergue Verde, fabulous vegetarian food, music, long … Continue reading Onward on the Camino