On to Ponferrada and Off to Portugal

Hola Amigos. We are now in the city of Ponferrada in Albergue ALEA, a recommendation of the “Favorites ” pilgrim download. Yes! So excited to have a vegetarian dinner, take a shower and sleep in a small dorm room for four, bottom bunk. ¡Bueno!

We walked a challenging rocky, hard surfaced day, and toured the city looking for the train station and Orange phone store, about 27 kms total. We walked through squares, past churches and the Castillo de Los Templarios, the Castle of the Knights of Templar. So many legends and stories live in this stone castle.

Before we arrived in Ponferrada:

I was wrong about the Camino from Cruz de Ferro being a rough descent. The truth is that from Cruz de Ferro to Ponferrada is the challenge. It is a paradise for anyone who loves wildflowers, birds and the natural beauty of the Camino. But. . . again, like yesterday, I had to force myself to stop taking photos. And, we needed both hands for our poles. The slabs of rock, shale and sandy soil, along with some puddles of rain, made the hike difficult and needed our full attention. This is where I injured my leg last year, but I’m happy to report, all is well and I’m moving on.

After the dramatic downhill, we walked through, the village of Molinaseca and its winding lanes, beautiful cottages, buildings and river.

Tomorrow, Sunday, I’ll take a train and bus to Portugal and Marylee will continue on to Santiago. What a lucky pilgrim I am to have spent more than a week with a good friend and now seasoned Peregrina. I will truly miss her. Fun, kind, compassionate, we have a lot to share. Ultreia, Marylee.

I’ll be at the estación de tren mañana for my train and on the way by 9:00.

See you along the Portugues Way. Thanks for walking with me.

Buen Camino, Irene

4 thoughts on “On to Ponferrada and Off to Portugal

  1. Gracias por fotografias muy bonitas!! It is easy to see how difficult some of that trail so rocky, shale-covered, alternating with smooth rock could be. Full attention needed!
    Do you have a simple line-on-map graphic of where you started and travelled? I’m a map guy… Hard work, but so rewarding! Thanks for sharing. Ultreia, Irene

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  2. Bom Caminho dear Irene, I trust you will love Portugal as much as I did. Are you going to walk a section along the coastal route? its worthwhile and different.

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    1. Gracias, Serena. I’m walking a short Portugues, which will be mostly in Spain. I’m simplifying. If I were walking with you, well… I know I’ll miss some special places, but right now this will be my taste of Portugal. I’ll check out your photos! Buen Camino. Irene


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