Royal Horticultural Society, Hyde Hall


Royal Horticultural Society, Hyde Hall
Chelmsford, United Kingdom

Chelmsford, United Kingdom

What a surprise to visit Hyde Hall, one of the Royal Horticultural Gardens in the U. K. I’m inspired not only by the beauty of colorful and green summer gardens in full bloom, but the RHS’s mission of education, science and community. Restaurants, meeting rooms, educational classes and seminars for professionals, children and adults, endless opportunities. My cousins are members and if I lived here I would join, too. One of the features was the Garden Sculpture Trail, a sponsored show featuring work from “talented amateurs to well known professionals.” Too heavy to take in my backpack, but I loved the unique art, especially the whimsical. And a good portion of the omegas, scrumptious seafood salad plate for lunch. Thank you, dear cousins.


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