Four Days in Muxía, The Top of the World

Hola amigos, I'm sitting in a café overlooking the sea and the harbor in Muxía, my favorite place on the Camino and last stop for me on the Costa da Morte. The breeze is gentle, umbrellas flap, gulls never stop their rants, the sunrise is long past. A Camino desayuno, café con leche, zumo, tostada: … Continue reading Four Days in Muxía, The Top of the World

The Wild and Spectacular Sea

Hola, amigos. I'm in Lires, a village between Finisterre and Muxia on the Costa da Morte. I divided the 30+ Kms stage to Muxia and arrived in this lovely Pensión /Albergue, As Eiras, with a reservation, near a beach and estuary, walking from Finisterre along the breathtaking coast. I worried last night how to leave … Continue reading The Wild and Spectacular Sea

Hola from Costa da Morte, Again

Hola amigos. I'm walking one last short Camino to Finisterre and Muxia: four days of walking from Cee to Muxia, with a day and night at The End of the World and Lires and two nights in Muxia. Right now I'm sitting on the patio, at my favorite Finisterre cafe, La Frontera, looking out at … Continue reading Hola from Costa da Morte, Again

Moving forward on the Camino

Hola, amigos. We just returned to Santiago from Finisterre and now I have many days to explore before leaving for home . . . The last sentence is left unfinished, as there is much to do and see. It's a pause, a reminder to slow down, see the details of centuries-old architecture, walk on cobblestones … Continue reading Moving forward on the Camino

Is it the End or the Beginning?

Two nights in Finisterre, just enough time to walk on the beach and coastal trails, check out the village, eat at my favorite cafe, and think about what it means to be a pilgrim after a long walk. And say a last goodbye and move on to new journeys. All this and our walk to … Continue reading Is it the End or the Beginning?

To Finisterre, the End of the World, 2018

Up early for the 8:00 a.m. bus to Finisterre, where pilgrims celebrate the end of their pilgrimage. This was the third time I stepped on the same soil as pilgrims of long ago once stepped, but I didn't burn my clothes. From last year's journey to Finisterre: "Yesterday, I spent a day and a night … Continue reading To Finisterre, the End of the World, 2018

Walking Into Santiago

Hola, dear friends. I walked into Santiago today after an early morning start from Padrón. But the Camino isn't over. Thank you for walking with me and I hope you will continue to share my journey as I process this ancient, yet modern pilgrimage. I walked in with two pilgrim friends, but as you can … Continue reading Walking Into Santiago

Redondela to Pontevedra on the Portugues Way

Hola amigos, I am catching up on my stories. We are in the Galician area of Spain, walking closer each day to Santiago. Rain is predicted, and expected for the green and lush region. I know I'm in Galicia, too, because I've seen many Horreos. Do you what these are? The Route is lush, green … Continue reading Redondela to Pontevedra on the Portugues Way

Porriño to Redondela, España

Hilly up and down on hard surface and more beautiful vineyards, orchards. I don't remember a soft trail on this stage, oh maybe one or two, but mostly steep pavement, even though we walked through a lush paradise. About 17-20 Kms. into a busy town. I have a small wound from a small fall, with … Continue reading Porriño to Redondela, España

Valença Portugal to Porriño Spain

The Peace Bookstore, I couldn't resist. The message: The more you read the less you imitate. Olá Amigos. Today I walked across time from Portugal back to Spain and I will report it is easier walking forward than backwards the way I originally entered, on the hot pavement that was not the Camino Way. By … Continue reading Valença Portugal to Porriño Spain